Most of his career worked in Procter & Gamble (1990-2018), where he reached executive positions as member of the Management Committee of different business units for more than 12 years.

Her most recent position at P&G was Director of Analytics & Insights for Southern Europe, leading a multidisciplinary team to integrate data management with understanding of the market and the consumer for generating winning actions.

From 2009 to 2012, she moved to Switzerland as Global Director of Braun’s Consumer & Market Knowledge, managing the market research and strategic analysis of the global brand, identifying and qualifying new products and campaigns at a global level, as well as the definition of the strategy and shopper-based business execution.

In previous years, she was the Director for Spain and Portugal of Insights, Brand operations and Shopper marketing, leading a team of more than 30 people.

He reached this position after gradually expanding his areas of responsibility and management, in the field of research and strategic analysis, the management of the alliances team, promotions and consumer events, shopper marketing and others.

In 2019, she joined Grupo DIA as Director of Insights & customer experience.